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Important – Please read

Fuel Mixture

If the mixing of the fuel in this mini moto vehicle is not done correctly the engine will not start. The petrol powers the engine while the oil lubricates the cylinder walls and reduces friction which keeps the engine going. Therefore a proper mix of the two components is crucial in the performance and longevity of the engine.
Firstly it is important you only use FULLY SYNTHETIC MOTORCYCLE 2-STROKE PRE- MIX OIL to mix with your petrol.
Mixing the fuel is done at a 25:1 ratio for the first 5 tanks and is then reduced to 40:1. Please ensure you mix the fuel and oil carefully.

Bike Inspection

Please inspect your bike for damage before use. Check and tighten all nuts and bolts before every use. Check the throttle returns correctly. Adjust brakes if necessary. Damage claims will not be entered into once fuel has been added to the bike. Chain adjustment needs to be checked as the bike sometimes arrive with over tight chains. This will cause damage to the clutch which will not be covered under warranty. The chain needs to have 10-15mm free play at its tightest point.

Check and inflate your tyres. Before riding please lift the rear wheel from the ground, apply throttle and check both brakes.

Starting from Cold & Choke

When starting your bike from cold you will need to ensure the choke is turned in the open/on position. This is when the choke lever is in the down position.
Pull the pull cord GENTLY to the end. Your Mini Bike will start after the cord is released.

If you pull the pull start fast or aggressively it will break. That is misuse and not covered under warranty.
Once started the choke can be turned off. We recommend you lift the rear wheels off the ground and push the throttle fully open this automatically releases the choke lever to the upright off position. Another method would be to push the lever down and to the right to release.


Oil Per 1 Litre

Oil Per 5 Litre

Oil Per 10 Litre






If your bike does not start after several pulls – it will not start. Do not keep trying as the pull start will eventually break.
Each engine is pre started so therefore it is very rare to have a faulty non starting engine.

These engines are very simple they just need spark and fuel to run. Here are some things you can try:

  1. Try to start the bike without choke(i.e. choke lever half down or fully down)
  2. Turn the air mixture/tick over screw on the carb clockwise 1⁄2 or 1 full turn. (this is the silver screw with a spring)
  3. If the engine still does not fire up, then remove the spark plug and pour approx. 1 thimble full of your mixed fuel into the spark plug hole, replace the spark plug and cap. Now try to start your bike. If the engine fires for approx. 1-2 seconds then the carb is not letting fuel through to the engine. Investigate carb settings if you are capable.
  4. Check the fuel line for any kinks or blocks.
  5. Undo drain plug from bottom of the carb to check fuel is reaching the carb.
  6. Check spark plug for strong blue spark.
  7. Check kill switch wire is connected and set on right position.
  8. During transition of the bike it is possible the float bowl may have movedand be sitting at an angle in the base of the carb allowing too much fuel to flow flooding the engine. Undo carb (2 screws underneath carb) and choke float is level.

Your bike comes with a 30 day manufactures default warranty. This does not cover engine ancillaries i.e. clutch, pull start, coil etc.
Warranty is also void if the engine seizes due to lack of oil in the fuel or the wrong type of oil is used.

99% of starting problems are either wrong oil or too much oil.

Avoid comma oil / carb lube or chain saw oil – these oils will seize the engine.

These bikes are built on a production line and are not PDI’d