February 26, 2015
Mini Quad Red Bundle
March 27, 2015
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Mini Quad Blue Bundle


The Mini Quad Blue Bundle Includes:

Blue Mini Quad 49cc With Twin Exhaust!
Putoline S2 – 2 Stroke Oil
Wulf Sport Cub Helmet In Blue
WulfSport Deflector/Protection Jacket

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The Mini Quad Blue Bundle Includes:

Blue Mini Quad 49cc With Twin Exhaust!
Putoline S2 – 2 Stroke Oil
Wulf Sport Cub Helmet Blue
WulfSport Deflector/Protection Jacket

What a deal this is!

This 49cc 2 Stroke bike is the perfect bike for both the confident
able rider and as a first bike for the younger rider just starting
up. Its restrictable throttle makes this perfect for riders of all
types. It takes up to 10 stone in weight.

This bike is nothing short of AWESOME for the money.

Spec includes:
49cc 2 stroke air cooled engine
Front and rear disc brakes
Kill Switch with lanyard for safety
Easy pull start (no hard pulling needed anymore!)
Strong steel framework
Speed of up to 26 mph (depending on rider weight and terrain)
Speed restrictor
Rear Mono shock
Suitable for off-road use like gravel paths, tracks (not MX), tarmac
and smooth grassy areas.
Ideal for ages 6 years and upwards (children must be fully
20 mins of assembly required (Quite straight forward)

With the Putoline S2 oil, Wulfsport Cub Helmet and Wulfsport
protection jacket your child will be ready to ride!


All mini moto bikes are/can be dangerous so it is advisable to ride
them with the relevant protective equipment. It is your
responsibility to ensure your child is safe and protected whilst
enjoying this product.

You will require some basic mechanical knowledge but we will supply
you with comprehensive details of how to assemble your quad and how
to maintain it over the years. Whilst there is a small tool kit with
the quad, you may wish to use more substantial tools. The quads
vibrate and therefore need regular checking of nuts and bolts to
ensure you continue to use your quad safely.

Please remember if you ride this bike on a public highway – you
are breaking the law and if the police remove your bike, they will
crush it.

Please note that should you have a fault, then you have 7 days from
the date of delivery to let us know. We will, where we can help you
at our discretion with any parts you may need depending on the
information you give us. Mis-use and poor maintenance will mean you
will need to purchase the parts from us.

We cannot stress enough that the fuel mixture must be correct for
you to enjoy your product. (details will be sent to you – please
read them)


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